Combat Improvement Update

There are some changes for combat system. Check out the comparison video below!

Akimbo weapons are now here!

Each weapon will work separately, and are strong enough to mince the enemies with ease.

Melee attacks!

Sometimes you have to face the enemies up close. Faster ones are much harder to deal with. There were no ways to get away from them tactically, so it's here.

Energy Shield, Improved!

Character’s special ability is very important to Combat. M16 has an energy shield that reflects projectiles. We made it much more effective and offensive. Reflected projectiles will turn into an energy missile.

It's efficient when you're surrounded by a volley of projectiles, even in the Boss Fight.

The Shield now has own energy meter. Sharing energy with any weapon would cause inconvenience to use the Shield and interrupted the combat. So we had to separate them.

Health Overcharge!

The player can absorb the health more than the limit. Instead of just scoring, you can use this as a Tactical advantage!

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on the menu changing the music volume doesn't change anything.

This is basically everything I brought up as a concern! I'm gonna give the newest changes a try as soon as I get a chance, because this looks even better than before!