Upgrade menu (CombatUpgrade)

Echo has two upgrades: Combat Upgrade and Viability Upgrade. And the first one I'd like to introduce is combat upgrade. Another one will be revealed once it's done later.

Making concept and creating of combat upgrade was by far the most difficult and complicated task and I had to think about it a lot.

Especially "Balancing the both characters", and "Matching up with the player's gameplay status and the speed of upgrade progress" was very troublesome to us.

The player can upgrade their combat skill and able to enhance the character with combat points earned after completing each stage.

In the Combat Upgrade menu, various upgrades are available for two characters (M16 and Catty).

(Catty is the character with swinging laser sword)

'Skill Set'

The Player can select the upgrades of each character to prepare the tactical advantages on a stage.

Each upgrade can be freely selected in the menu after unlocking them by spending combat points.

'Synergy Effect'

If skill set opens, the cable connects to the socket. If all the sockets light up, the synergy effect occurs that completely enhances both characters.

The synergy effect is a powerup that assists both characters.

Once the upgrade's done, you can enter the combat simulation chamber where you can test your upgraded character.

We added this because we thought it was hard to understand just after reading info of the skill.

Still, there's so much to do, but we're very glad that we have begun stepping forward to the crucial feature of the game.

Until two heroes fight awesome and greatly, we are closing this post. Thanks for reading. :D

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beautiful, nice work